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Main Menu

There are the following seven client options:


1 Call Summary

This shows the number of calls that have been made for a particular month, it is further divided into weekly call levels, this also lists the outcome of the calls.


2 Leads

These are leads that require some kind of action, they are divided into either hot or info, the hot, as the name implies require more urgent attention; info require information being sent. Clicking on a number will list the leads, this is normally where Client Action updates are made comments and a date for when the lead should go back in the system. It is important that the UPDATE Lead Now is pressed. This is also where other actions, such as closing a lead or converting it into a customer can be made.

NB if a lead is not actioned and updated it will remain in the leads and WILL NOT go back into the call cycle.


3 Leads History

This shows the leads that have been actioned, showing when a call back is due. You can check the progress and latest comments.


4 Closed Leads

This shows the leads that have been closed.


5 Converted Customers

This shows leads that have resulted in some custom.


6 Forward Plans

This shows future calls, month by month for the next 12 months; calls beyond 12 months are listed on the bottom line F/Plan > 12 Months. Clicking on any number will list the calls for the particular period, listing the area of interest of the call and number of trucks


7 Search for Customer

Allows for searching for a client under various fields.